Cardiff A

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    5,8:1 4+1 230
    119  VAT incl.
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    Reel Shimano Cardiff A - description

    The Cardiff A is the essence of what a small multiplier should be. Strong, responsive and easy to use, it is built with a die-cast aluminium frame and a duraluminium spool for strength. The reel's responsiveness lies in Super Stopper anti-reverse as well as a high 5.8:1 gear ratio on 201 and 301 versions, which is perfectly suited to fishing lures requiring a high-speed retrieve and instant hook sets. Complete casting control is achieved thanks to Shimano's Variable Brake System (VBS).

    Reel Shimano Cardiff A - characteristics

    • Models: 201, 301, 401
    • Bearings: 4 A-RB + 1 Roller Bearing
    • Handle: double
    • Body material: diecast aluminium
    • Spool material: duraluminium