• Ilgis, mm Svoris, g Nėrimas m. Savybės Voblerio spalva Kaina Pirkti
    VALKEIN KUGA HF 36 1.5 0,1-0,3 F M107
    1449 su PVM
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    VALKEIN KUGA HF 36 1.5 0,1-0,3 F M110
    1449 su PVM
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    The Kuga High Float which can capture firmly and simply under the water surface is now available!

    It has an exquisite body balance which makes an approach with speed control just under the water surface from low speed to high speed with a sharper action by reducing the weight be possible.
    The effective sphere of the Kuga High Float is not only under the water but also on the top as well. Kuga High Float is a strong item on the surface cranking which requires a delicate approach.



    • ilgis: 36.0 mm,
    • svoris: 1.5 g,
    • plaukiantis (F),
    • nėrimo gylis: 0,1-0,3m,
    • pagaminta Japonijoje,
    • gamintojas: ValkeIN
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